Photo of three women who have participated in the Adopt-a-Student program

The Foundation Adopt-a-Student program provides an opportunity for student pharmacists to connect with experienced, practicing pharmacy professionals to network, develop potential long-term mentors and gain valuable advice for their future career. The program also provides an opportunity for current practitioners to learn fresh, new ideas from up-and-coming pharmacists and to have an impact on the future of the profession by instilling knowledge in those who are just beginning their journey in pharmacy.

How can student pharmacists participate in the Adopt-a-Student program?

This year's Adopt-a-Student event will be held on Saturday evening at the MPA Annual Awards Banquet, February 24, 2024, and is held in conjunction with the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition. As a student pharmacist, you will have the opportunity to sign up to be adopted with as part of your MPA ACE on-line registration process. In addition to signing up for this session, the following information is required by the January 31 deadline:

  • your practice area of interest, a short biography about yourself (one paragraph/four to five sentences), including your professional goals and why you chose pharmacy as your career path
  • a high-resolution headshot photograph.

You must be a Student Michigan Pharmacists Association member to participate in this program and be adopted. Student pharmacists who sign up to be adopted are also required to serve as an ambassador or perform another volunteer function during the Convention. Students will be contacted about selecting a responsibility after they register for the Convention and the program.

How can pharmacy professionals participate in the Adopt-a-Student program?

Pharmacists, vendor representatives, pharmacy technicians, etc. can sign up to adopt a student or students with their MPA Annual Convention & Exposition registration. The cost to support one student pharmacist is $145. The cost to support an additional student pharmacist is $100. This is a tax-deductible donation to the MPF Foundation. A receipt will be mailed to participants for tax records. Parents are encouraged to stay in contact with their students after the Convention to continue building mentorship.

Can I support a student even if I’m not attending the MPA Annual Convention?

Absolutely! If you do not plan on attending the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition and Annual Banquet, your student pharmacist will be placed at a table with other student pharmacists and their “parents” to ensure that they still receive the networking and mentoring experience. You can make a donation to the MPF Adopt-a-Student program by clicking on this link: Donation To Support MPF Adopt-a-Student program.

How do I meet up with my “parent” and what opportunities do we have to connect?

Member student pharmacists who sign up to be adopted by the deadline (which will be included when Convention registration is available) will be provided with the name and contact information of their “parent” prior to the event so that they can make arrangements to meet with them at the Convention. Your adopting parent will provide you with a reserved-seat banquet ticket either in person, or they may leave it for you to pick up in the Mackinac Ballroom on Level 5 of the Detroit Marriott. If you visit the Mackinac Ballroom on Level 5 of the Detroit Marriott during the Annual Convention, MPA staff can inform you if your parent has dropped off your Banquet ticket.

What is the likelihood that a student will be adopted?

Often, participating pharmacists will adopt a student (or students) who attend the college of pharmacy that they’re alumni of. Local Associations and regional societies have also been known to support students and participate in the program. MPA and the Foundation will do the best they can to ensure that all students who sign up by the established deadline are adopted and have the opportunity to attend the Annual Banquet & Awards Ceremony during the MPA Annual Convention & Exposition.